What Happens When Authority Figures Violate Trust

Legally Brief presents the Child Athlete Abuse Podcast.  On this episode, certified ACE (adverse childhood experiences) consultant Christina Sanford and I discuss ways parents can set boundaries to keep children safe from religious and other authority figures that violate trust.

Key takeaways:

  • teaching children to be kind vs. nice;
  • how to spot abusive patterns used by perpetrators;
  • the importance of reporting abuse.

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This podcast is for entertainment purposes only.  Nothing in is podcast is legal advice, counsel or guidance. No offer, statements or representation has been made to serve as your attorney in any capacity.   No attorney-client relationship has been created. This information is general and may not be applicable to your particular circumstances. You should review your particular circumstances with a licensed attorney.  Contact your local law enforcement if you are the victim of violence or abuse.

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