Fear Factor: How Fear Changes Survivors and Impacts Life’s Decisions

On this episode, we dig deeper into Fear, Anger and Dissociation ("FAD") as we close out October and our focus on fear-based choices. 

We will explore:

  • the genesis or root causes of fear in our communities and institutions;
  • what results we can expect from fear based decisions; and
  • how fear is used as a tool of conformity.

Resources from this episode:

  • "Conscious Parenting" by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.
  • Survivors of Sexual, Physical and/or Psychological abuse can contact the non-profit organization RAINN for help.
  • For legal counsel and to speak confidentially with Judie Saunders about your possible claim of sexual, physical or psychological abuse.  Connect with Judie here.
  • Judie Saunders can also be reached at 212-709-8141.
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