What is the Worst Assumption We Make About Survivors?

Disclaimer: The contents of this episode may be triggering to some listeners as it describes child abuse

When you hear the term "survivor" what comes to mind? Strong, determined or shamed, broken and stuck?

This episode is loosely based on allegations of a child who showed resiliency in spite of on-going abuse.

On this show, we will discuss the cultural assumptions and labels that keep men, women and children from speaking out against abuse. 


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This podcast is for entertainment purposes only.  Nothing in this podcast is legal advice, counsel or guidance. No offer, statements or representation has been made to serve as your attorney in any capacity.   No attorney-client relationship has been created. This information is general and may not be applicable to your particular circumstances. You should review your particular circumstances with a licensed attorney.  

Contact the police if you are the victim of violence or abuse

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